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September 18, 2009

Fatal Albuquerque Motorcycle Accidents & How to Handle The Motorcycle Bias

A westside Albuquerque motorcycle accident recently turned fatal. The motorcycle crash occurred in Albuquerque at Sevilla and Montano at approximately noon on Friday. When many people, including juries, hear about a motorcycle accidents, they immediately assume that the motorcycle is at fault. In this particular motorcycle accident this false assumption could not be further from the truth.

In fact, authorities are reporting that the Albuquerque motorcycle accident occurred when the motorcyclist was stopped at a red light at Sevilla and was struck from behind by a van. Remarkably, early news accounts of the fatal Albuquerque motorcycle accident on Montano felt the need to bring up the fact that the motorcyclist was not wearing a helmet. This outrageously insignificant and legally irrelevant fact highlights the strong bias that people have in motorcycle accident cases. Certainly the presence of a helmet would not have prevented this Albuquerque wrongful death accident but it shows the eagerness people have to blame the motorcycle rider.

A New Mexico motorcycle accident lawyer should be prepared to address these biases and preconceptions in order to achieve the highest possible recovery for the client.

September 17, 2009

Roswell Motorcycle Accident - Cases Against Friends and Family

Sadly the number of fatalities is increasing in a Roswell motorcycle accident. The accident initially resulted in two wrongful deaths, however, New Mexico media is reporting that a third accident victim recently lost his life. This particular Roswell motorcycle accident, involving three separate motorcycles has to be one of the worst New Mexico motorcycle accidents in recent history.

While early reports suggest that speed and alcohol may have played a role in the crash, this particular motorcycle accident brings up a question that our motorcycle accident lawyers hear regularly. Accident victims often want to know if anything can be done if a New Mexico wrongful death or injury is caused by a friend or family. Typically, people are hesitant to pursue legal action in these situations for fear that they will be hurting another member of the family. However, the truth is that not pursing such cases rarely results in any benefit.

While our New Mexico accident lawyers are the first to admit that no case is worth breaking apart healthy family bonds, we also remind our accident and injury clients that not all cases require a formal lawsuit to resolve. Typically, if the family member or friend has insurance, a case can be settled without the need to even file a lawsuit. Another way of looking at is is, if the insurance premiums have all been paid, the insurance company essentially has a pile of money somewhere to cover the accident victim's injury or death. The choice is whether to give that money back to the insurance company or use it to compensate the New Mexico accident victims and their families.

All cases that the New Mexico accident attorneys at the Fine Law Firm handle are controlled by the client. That means that if a client says they want to settle a case without litigation, then they are in control.

September 16, 2009

Parking to Blame for Fatal Grants Accident

A weekend accident in Grants, New Mexico cost one man his life and seriously injured another. The four vehicle Grants car accident occurred when a truck occupied by two men attempted to make and left hand turn in a crowded and congested area of Grants. Specifically, the accident occurred in Grants on Santa Fe Ave between Corley Ford and Indian Trails Trading Post. The area sees heavy traffic on weekends when people come out for the Grants flea market.

More than most New Mexico accidents, location is playing a big role in this fatal crash. Officials have pointed out that Grants officials had placed "No Parking" signs in the area to relieve some of the congestion but they were ignored. Local business seem to be suggesting that the signs were never enforced and people continued to park in the crowded area making things worse.

New Mexico personal injury lawyers are aware that accidents such as these bring up an important aspect of New Mexico law. Considering that New Mexico is a comparative fault state, there could be possible claims against the negligent drivers involved in the accident as well as those that broke the law parking in illegal areas, the business that may have allowed them to do so, and perhaps the law enforcement officials for not enforcing the no-parking zones despite knowing that a dangerous condition existed. Secondly, under New Mexico law, if there is a claim against law enforcement officials, it is know as a New Mexico Tort Claim and requires action within ninety days.

September 4, 2009

Albuquerque's New Drunk Driving Accident Crystal Ball

There really is no such thing as a crystal ball. However, the Albuquerque Police Department believes they may have found something pretty close when it comes to DWI’s. It is called an Operational Deployment Resource Allocator, and it is claimed to be able to determine the locations were there is the highest risk of someone driving drunk.

Use of this DWI technology in Albuquerque is supposed to be able to take into consideration date, time, holidays, and traffic patterns to output the highest risk of drunk driving incidents. If accurate, the tool will give authorities the upper hand on where to focus their efforts to stop DWI, as well as assist drivers in Albuquerque, or throughout New Mexico in avoiding intersections where there may be a car accident.

Given the nature of New Mexico drunk driving accidents, any technology, however futuristic, certainly can’t hurt.

When asked to compute the highest risk intersections in Albuquerque during the upcoming Labor Day weekend, the machine produced the following list of the intersections with the highest likelihood of a New Mexico drunk driving accident:

1 Wyoming Blvd NE & Constitution Ave NE
2 San Mateo Blvd NE & Pan American East Highway NE
3 Griegos Rd NW & 2nd St. NW
4 Pan American East Highway NE & Montgomery Blvd NE
5 Pennsylvania St NE & Montgomery Blvd NE
6 Irving Blvd NW & Coors Blvd NW
7 San Mateo Blvd NE & Montgomery Blvd NE
8 Louisiana Blvd NE & Central Ave E
9 Wyoming Blvd NE & Menaul Blvd NE 578 10 Osuna Rd NE & Jefferson St NE

Although cannot say that I’m fully convinced with the abilities of this technology, I have to admit I find myself at Wyoming and Constitution during the Labor Day weekend I will proceed with a heightened sense of caution to say the least.

September 3, 2009

Fatal New Mexico Semi Truck Accident Involving FedEx

New Mexico semi truck accidents can cause devastating injuries. On such semi truck accident recently occurred in New Mexico on I-40 at the line between Guadalupe County and Torrance County near Clines Corners.

The semi truck accident occurred when a tandem semi truck operated by Fed-Ex hit a family moving from California to Texas. Most devastating, the semi crash resulted in the death of two people, a woman and her eight month old grandson.

The semi truck accident brings to light a common question that people ask a New Mexico truck accident lawyer, “Is there any more that can be recovered from a semi truck driver than a driver of a passenger vehicle.” The answer, many times, is “yes”.

First, New Mexico insurance law requires that any commercial vehicle, including semi trucks, must carry a higher minimum level of insurance. While a passenger vehicle must be insured for $25,000, a commercial vehicle, such as a FedEx semitruck, must have $1 million in insurance. In addition, there are a couple questions that come to mind regarding this particular accident. Considering it occurred at 11:30 PM, it raises the question of whether driver fatigue contributed to the semi accident. New Mexico semi truck regulations place strict guidelines on how many hours a semi truck can be driven and how many hours the operator must sleep. Often times these truck regulations are ignored and drivers operate under heavy medication or narcotics to stay awake at the wheel, albeit at an altered state.

Another fact that this tragic semi truck accident brings to light is that it is neccessary for the accident victims to take immediate action to preserve the case. Crucial pieces of information such as recording devices and logs must be preserved so that the evidence can be carefully analyzed. Failure to act quickly to preserve these items may result in their destruction.

In the event that any New Mexico semi-truck regulations were ignored, or the driver caused the accident beyond mere negligence, there could be exposure to substantial punitive damages for which it is likely FedEx has viable assets. Although no amount is enough to reverse such an accident, it is nonetheless important to make sure rights are protected.