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Earlier this month in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a 35-year-old man was the victim of a severe dog bite in his groin when he was bitten by a pit bull that was attacking his eight-year-old daughter. According to an article from Reuters, the 90-pound dog bit the man’s daughter in the face and lacerated her cheek. The man intervened to rescue the girl and was attacked by the dog, which latched onto his groin. The man was rushed to a nearby hospital and treated for severe lacerations and partial detachment of his genitals. The eight-year-old girl was treated at the scene for minor injuries and released.

black-dog-1437185-m.jpgThe Dangers of Dog Attacks
Dog attacks are common in New Mexico, and they are the cause of many hospitalizations every year. The dog involved in this attack had belonged to the man’s grandfather, who had recently passed away. The man was not familiar with this dog, and the family is lucky that the eight-year-old child was not more severely injured in the attack. People should always use caution when they are around dogs that they are not familiar with, especially larger dogs and potentially dangerous breeds like pit bulls.

Small children should never be allowed near dogs that are not known to be safe, and they should be supervised when playing around any animals. Dog bites are extremely painful and more prone to infection than other types of cuts, due to the bacteria present in the animals’ mouths. The scars and permanent injuries that are caused by dog bites can be debilitating and disfiguring to the unfortunate victims of an attack.
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