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A worker at a hospital in Texas has tested positive for the Ebola virus after having treated an African man for the virus earlier this month. According to an article from the Wall Street Journal, the original patient from Liberia who was in the United States to visit family was being treated at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas for the virus last week.

The man contracted the virus in Africa but began to show symptoms in the United States and died from the illness late last week. According to federal officials, the healthcare worker who has contracted the virus from him was exposed because of a failure to follow the proper safety protocol for treating a patient infected with Ebola, and an investigation continues.
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A New Mexico man was charged with indecent exposure, leaving the scene of an accident, and failure to wear a seatbelt after an accident that occurred when he fell off a Ford pickup truck near Taos, New Mexico earlier this month. The man was completely naked and standing on top of the truck as it travelled on State Road 522 on June 6. The man apparently fell off the truck, and a motorcycle behind him stopped quickly to avoid running him over. A woman who was in a car behind the motorcyclist was unable to stop in time and rear-ended the motorcycle. Witnesses helped the man into the pickup truck he was riding on, and the driver sped off. Police pulled over the pickup truck a few minutes later and booked both the man who fell and the driver of the truck on various charges. The man was moderately injured and hospitalized, but he was released the following day.

The Laws against “Naked Truck-Surfing”

Not surprisingly, New Mexico does not have a specific criminal provision that forbids someone from riding naked on top of a truck on the highway. The police were still able to charge the man with indecent exposure and failure to wear a seat belt, but his behavior appears too strange to fit cleanly within the criminal code. Any injuries or damage suffered by the other drivers involved will most likely not be addressed by the criminal proceedings against the man, and if the other drivers want to be paid back for the damage that the man’s behavior caused, they will most likely need to file a New Mexico auto accident lawsuit. If the injured victims can show that the man was acting negligently when he decided to ride naked on top of the truck, a civil court will have the ability to order the man to pay the victims to compensate them for their injury.
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Our New Mexico personal injury lawyers, have seen hundreds upon thousands of cases. Nonetheless, every once in a while a personal injury case arises that results not only in shock, but a bit of a smile.

One such case involves a resent Florida resident who settled a $650,000 claim for a traumatic injury to his face that caused double vision and broke numerous bones. Clearly this is not funny. However, the humor exists when the cause of the injury comes to light.

Apparently, the plaintiff sustained his serious injury while a patron at a strip club. The broken bones did not occur from an overzealous bouncer, but rather a stripper who incorporated a kick move into the routine. The problem is that the kick move landed her metal healed shoe into the man’s face.

New Mexico injuries and thanksgiving ideally do not go together. However, while most people try to have a safe holiday, there are certain risks of injuries that are more likely to occur on Thanksgiving than other days of the year. The Olympia Medical Center released their top five Thanksgiving injuries that are likely to occur during celebrations.Not surprisingly, topping the list is heartburn. To avoid that casualty, doctors recommend not laying down to watch football after the festive meal and avoiding eating too much. As if that is possible. Nest on the list is weight gain. Not much of a surprise there.

Third is choking which they recommend can be avoided by not talking, drinking, or laughing. That really sounds like a great holiday gathering. Perhaps they should recommend no eye contact as well.

The list is rounded out with excessive drinking and finally cuts and burns. Essentially, from a New Mexico drunk driving lawyer’s perspective, excessive drinking is the big one to look out for here.