Family Receives $950,000 in Officer Involved Shooting

On December 4, 209 Rodrick Jones was shot in the back by an APD officer who was subsequently fired by APD as a result of his conduct involving the shooting.

Police shooting attorneys representing the family, Joe Fine and Brad Goodwin, pointed out that APD’s suggestion that Rodrick Jones was involved in a robbery was not supported by the fact that his fingerprints were not at the residence; there was an absence of stolen property in his possession; and Mr. Jones was in possession of any burglary tools. Rodrick Jones was a forty-two year old father of seven, a former US Air Force Security Officer and a security guard at Kirtland Air Force Base.

The $950,000.00 settlement is, to the family, recognition that APD made a serious mistake and that APD will attempt to improve its practices and procedures regarding the use of deadly force.