Recovering Money for Rape and Sexual Assault

Various jails have been on the news lately for being home to various sexual assaults and rapes. Similarly, a news story recently surfaced that college professors in Florida kept an off campus apartment specifically to bring young co-eds to. With all this sexual assault news, the questions arises, when can a victim recover money damages for a sexual assault or rape?

At the Fine Law Firm, our New Mexico sexual assault attorneys have handled numerous cases in which our clients were the victims of violent sexual attacks as well as inappropriate sexual relationships. In many of these New Mexico sexual assault cases, the questions is not so much whether the plaintiff can win, but rather whether the plaintiff can recover.

This is because unless the attacker has substantial assets, it is necessary to she that he or she performed inappropriate acts while acting in another capacity. Typically, this means sexual relationships between teacher and student, jail guard and inmate, police officer and suspect, etc… This means that in addition to numerous other factors, one primary issue is whether the wrongdoer has the ability to be financially responsible for the harm caused.